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Citizen Heroes The Movie

A Documentary Look into the Soul of Seattle's Real Life Superhero Movement


Check Out the Trailer for Citizen Heroes, the Movie

Here is the fantastic trailer for Citizen Heroes with music by composer and co-producer Catherine Grealish. Enjoy!

“Citizen Heroes” Previews at STIFF June 8th

If you buy tickets to see Michael Barnett’s awesome documentary “Superheroes” for June 8th, you’ll get a chance to sneak peak our unreleased preview. We are slated to show a 3 minute teaser in front of that film, and Real Life supers WILL be in attendance.











Tacoma outreach and RCSM patrol, 4/09/11

Our team manhandled this weekend’s shoots with back-to-back patrols, and some last  minute additional filming. A total of 5 locations and 3 follow-along patrols in Tacoma and Seattle were nailed by the team at FutureSite Films during Friday and Saturday last weekend. In fact, a crime was prevented by one of our crew while waiting to meet-up for the Saturday Rain City Superhero Movement patrol in downtown Seattle. Here is Phoenix in mid-leap in a picture taken by Nathan Coltrane.


Produced by Matt Harrison , Citizen Heroes is a documentary film about the Real Life Super Hero movement in Seattle. The film is slated to be in post-production byWinter 2011 and will be released in Spring 2012. To see some pictures, take a look inside the Heroes Gallery. To find out more about the filmmakers, explore the Citizen Crew.


(Above, from left to right) Pitch Black, Phoenix Jones, Ghost and Black Knight




Red Dragon, Pitch Black, Phoenix Jones, White Baron, BlackKnight, Knight Owl, Peter Tangen, SkyMan, Blue Sparrow, and more.